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We use a number of quality programs to produce our digital albums, These replicate physical albums as far as possible, to the extent that they are designed to look like real albums, with the appearance of bound front and rear covers. Designs vary and are based on themes. Pages are specific to themes and are complete with page borders to enhance the presentation of images.

Albums are interactive - the album is opened and each page is turned through a simple mouse action. Pages are numbered and albums are indexed, allowing quick navigation to the image or section of your choice. All are viewable through viewers we supply on your CD.

In addition we provide your photographs on a website that you can access and view.

Each photographic session, restoration or montage is based on individual needs.

All costs will be negotiated beforehand and a contract drawn up to ensure quality service. The images you will see are reduced in quality to facilitate a quicker download over the internet. Original photographs can be viewed in person.