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Photography has been a passion from the time I bought my first instamatic camera in the late 1970's.

With a Engineering background, my first professional work was in the mines in 1997. By 1998, I had bought my first digital camera and never looked back since. The digital format has been a wonderful as well as a steep learning curve, enhanced by the experience with a standard format camera and formal study at the College of Photography.
My main camera is a Nikon D1X SLR digital camera, along with a number of different Nikon lenses. Carrying a 'spare' SLR camera as backup along with notebook computer when doing a photo session. I am 100% mobile and usually travel with a backpack that contains everything required for a photoshoot.
I prefer taking portraits at Clients houses where one is in an environment that is familiar and comfortable. One makes a much better subject when one is relaxed, feelings and emotions surface and things just happen!
All my work is archived, which means that I am able to retrieve and reproduce your special photograph in a few years time if you so require. Digital format enables me to customise photographs and prepare custom collages using a number of different photographs.
Check out my unique 'flipalbum' which is a novel way of displaying photos on the computer or DVD. The photos are displayed on a 'flipbook' which looks and feels like a real book on the screen, making viewing the photos a pleasure.

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My vision

  • Produce the same outstanding quality results time after time.
  • Be recognized as an excellent photographer in Brisbane
  • Be steadfast to my commitment for customer service and satisfaction.


Brisbane Indian Times Multicultural Community Awards -

Photographer of the Year 2005

Photographer of the Year 2004

Quest Community Newspapers - Business Achievers 2004 - Finalist in the Readers Choice category

2006 - Finalist in the Readers Choice category